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An Enigmatic Chorus, But The Rest Of The Tune Fell A Little Flat: Lana Del Rey And Quavo – ‘Tough’ Review

Words: Ruby Corrigan

Alternative pop icon Lana Del Rey released her first single of the year titled ‘Tough’, a collaborative tune with popular rapper Quavo, that welcomed in Lana’s new era ahead of her country style album ‘Lasso’ that is set to release later this year. Now, this is not the first time The singer has collaborated with a rapper in order to genre bend her music and open it up to wider audiences, most notably her work with A$AP Rocky, and in fact when the teaser of ‘Tough’ was rel...

A Timeless Tune I Demand You Listen To: Isabel Maria – ‘Holy Smokes!’ Review

Words: Ruby Corrigan

Up and Coming Sunderland singer Isabel Maria is back with her single ‘Holy Smokes!’ and it is a MUST listen. 

‘Holy Smokes!’ is best described as a ‘sad girl anthem’, a quietly passionate and evocative ballad that perfectly encapsulates what it is like to have feelings for a person and realise that they do not value you properly. A particularly poignant lyric comes in the chorus, where she sings ‘ I’m usually a careful driver, but holy smokes you’re a car crash’. The u...

Hozier Set To Take Over Finsbury Park This Sunday

Words: Ruby Corrigan

In the midst of his massive US tour promoting his most recent album ‘Unreal Unearth’, Irish musician Hozier is stopping off in London this Sunday for a massive, sold out gig in Finsbury Park, and it is set to be a brilliant event. 

Hozier is joined by the enigmatic Brittany Howard, Lord Huron and Ye Vagabonds, all of which are guaranteed to impress crowds with their unique sounds, but, if you haven’t already heard of these artists, let this article be an introduction f...

Britain Isn’t All Tea And Crumpets: Jake Bugg – ‘Zombieland’ Review

After a nearly three year hiatus after his last album ‘Saturday Night Sunday Morning’ nottingham born legend Jake Bugg is back today with a new tune labelled ‘Zombieland’, which is the first release from his upcoming album ‘Modern Day Distraction’ which is set to be released on the 20th September.

As a follower of Jake Bugg for a very long time, I was ecstatic when the news came of this new song, however I had to quickly remind myself that, much like a lot of his newer stuff, it will not sound

Rapturous Yet Strangely Comforting: Wunderhorse – ‘July’ Review

Ahead of the release of their much anticipated second album ‘Midas’ which is to be released on the 30th august, Indie Rock outfit Wunderhorse have given fans of their music a tantalising morsel to tide us over till that point, taking form in a new single titled ‘July’, and it is incredible. If you have been following our page for long enough, you will know that all of us here at Rockstars highly regard Wunderhorse’s music, and this latest release is no different.

Before my first listen I was ex